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Dear Ansi,
We want to let you know how very much your involvement in our wedding meant to us. Your eloquence, your spirituality and your understanding captured every emotion we felt that special day.

We sincerely hope you can remain an integral part of our lives now and down the road when we hopefully are a bigger family.

Marriage is a celebration of the relationship of two people. Trying to interpret that into a ceremony is no easy task. Ansi, you have been able to express our love in your ceremony. Thank you for a day we will never forget.

Thank you for all of your contribution to our very magical day and our lives to come. We love you.

Amy and Marc, New York

non-denominational wedding ceremony.

Dear Ansi,
Thank you so much for a wonderful and touching ceremony. Your words were beautiful and perfect!

Thank you, thank God He put you in our paths... Everybody said the ceremony was perfect.

Lucia and Josh, New Jersey

spiritual marriage ceremony

Dear Ansi,
Neither my husband nor I were originally from New York City, so although we had both been raised Methodist, we had no church affiliation here. We also did not want anything too sectarian, but rather a celebration of the spirituality of marriage.

And you understood this immediately and tailored our wedding service to our individual needs and requests and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It was beautiful and personal. Several of our guests remarked that it was the most moving and unique ceremony they'd ever heard.

Even my mom, who had wanted a church wedding, requested a written copy of it to show to her friends back in Texas and to save as a keepsake. I would highly recommend Rev. Ansi Boudin to anyone, particularly if your needs require customizing the typical wedding service to fit a specific situation.

Rachel and Nick, New York

wedding celebrant

Dear Ansi,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful ceremony. It was the perfect beginning to a wonderful marriage.

Adrianne and Dan, California

non-denominational wedding celebrant

Dear Ansi,
Thank you so much for a beautiful personal and spiritual wedding ceremony. It was with your assistance that we were able to have a wedding we are certain never to forget.


Suzanne and Michael, New Jersey.


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